Homophobia In Football

In Football the silence of fans, players, coaches, clubs, and associations or the negation and invisibility of homosexuality are serious expressions of homophobia. When the opposing team or the referee is called “gay,” most people do not even notice any abuse. Homophobia and sexism are often understood as being part of the cultural logic of football.

Establishing an atmosphere of acceptance of gays and lesbians in the world of sports should be a normal duty for sports organizations and their leaders. To counteract the silence on homophobia and to combat the discrimination on sexual orientation in football, first of all, all football authorities have to acknowledge the existence of lesbians and gays.

While we keep waiting for the coming out of a top player, a lot of work can be done. By transforming established structures of male bonding into a new form of solidarity, a new atmosphere may be created both on the pitch and on the terraces, in which the decision for diverse lifestyles is entirely up to the individual, who will not be left alone with possible unpleasant consequences, however.