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GaySport Information ChannelsThe GaySport Information services have been designed so gay and lesbian sports clubs can access up-to-the-minute information on sport news, events and useful links. We have designed the channels specifically so individuals can find exactly the information relating to their sporting field. The success of the channels will be as big as we make it together. You can access the Channels via the following areas. You can also Add Information to the public channels.


Become a correspondent for your team and send in news and info from your team or organisation. Use our Add Your Information Form to publish your Latest News.

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Please Add Your Information about your tournaments and competitions to the GaySport calendar. The calendar can also be used as a tool for planning purposes. We encourage clubs not to overlap the dates of competitions of same sports. The Events Calendar works best if all Sports Clubs publish their planned tournament dates at the earliest possible stage and if they check the calendar before planning a tournament date.

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EGLSF publishes a monthly newsletter in a PDF format, containing relevant information about the work of EGLSF, and including news and events submitted by our members. You can directly download the newsletter, or subscribe to it, and receive it for free when it is published. You can contribute through submitting news or events.

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The GaySport Links area is the best place to find links to gay and lesbian Sport Clubs, Communities, Organisations and other general information resources. Please Add Your Information about your club or group’s contact details. By adding the URL of your club’s website, interested sports people in your region can easily find you. A good website has become a successful tool in attracting new members.

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AdvertisingThe GaySport website is the ideal place to get in contact with athletic gays and lesbians from around the world. About 10,000 visits per day are counted on our server.

We are opening a possibility for gay & lesbian (friendly) companies to advertise on the GaySport and other EGLSF websites. Get your message across to thousands of sports minded visitors!

We gladly provide you with a banner that can link to your website, or an advertising section on our own server. Of course we are also interested to hear in what other ways we could be of help to advertisers or sponsors.

Since our website provides necessary information to the gay & lesbian sports community, we have a strict policy to keep advertisers or sponsors away from the contents of our services. Also, we will not consider requests from services and / or companies that provide sexual services.

Contact us for more information to find an optimal solution which will benefit us all!

Web Hosting

You can use the hosting opportunities on GaySport. Why bring your site to a commercial provider who charges you either too much or restricts you in using scripts and/or components you would like to use? Let’s not even mention all these irritating advertising banners you get when you host your site with all these so-called free providers. For only € 50 per year, GaySport offers you:web space (50 MB)free use of scripts (cgi-bin)possibility to use own scriptspossibility to use PHP and MySQL databases5 pop/smtp mail accounts on Gaysport.orgFTP accounts to update your siteand more

If you have your own domain name, you can use our professional mail server to process your incoming and outgoing e-mails. We link your domain name to our server, and you get full access to the web mail services, pop/smtp accounts and mail aliasses. For an additional € 50 per year you can have 25 accounts on your domain. If you need more accounts just contact us for more details.

If your sport group is a member of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation, you can have free hosting for your group’s site. Your own mail server will be € 25 per year.

Please note that we don’t provide support in developing or other ‘end-user’ help.For more information or details please contact us using our Online Contact Form.

Web MailGAYSPORT webmail is:FreePermanentGlobally AccessiblePrivateSPAM-FreeVersatile

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 Mailing Lists

If your sport group is member of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation we will host your very own mailing list. It is a great way to communicate with your local members, or make announcements for tournaments. Contact us for more details!


By subscribing, you will automatically receive our free monthly publication: EGLSF Newsletter. Individuals, sports clubs, media representatives, and other interested parties are welcome to subscribe and keep up-to-date with our newsletter service.This is a distribution list only; subscribers will receive a monthly notification with the EGLSF Newsletter atatched (in PDF) format. See EGLSF Newsletter for more details.

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This Mailing List is for respresentatives of sport groups that are members of the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF). Subscription is only possible after validation. The Mailing List enables members to discuss any topic that is of interest to fellow members. This list is also used by the board and others for official announcements and interesting information about the Federation.Feel free to discuss any topic here that is of interest to your fellow members. Topics like the upcoming EuroGames and whatever else you may come up with. The EGLSFMembers mailing list is not moderated. Only members can post messages.

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The purpose of the sport mailing lists is to make contact, reach out, inform and update. The Mailing Lists can be used to send:Tournament invitationsCompetition ResultsAddress changesPress releasesRequests for help / knowledge sharingArticles about competitions / tournamentsNewsEuropean Swimming Mailing List
This is the European Mailing List for LGBT swimmers and swim groups. In Europe we have approximately 70 LGBT swim groups with around 3,000-4,000 swimmers (male and female). And don’t forget all those individual swimmers who are not (yet) a member of a LGBT swim group. EuroGswim is a moderated list. Only members can post messages.List members can post their messages to [email protected]

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Support GaySport With A Link

Please support GaySport and the European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation. Add a link to GaySport, the EGLSF or EuroGames on your Web page.

To find out more about how to link to our websites, please visit our Banners and Links section at the EGLSF website.