UEFA Conference

At the UEFA conference “unite against racism” in Barcelona at the beginning of 2006 a workshop on homophobia was held by EGLSF.

For the first time ever UEFA acknowledges the existence of homophobia in football. The workshop was a big success. Delegates from many European Football Associations did participate in the workshop. Speakers were John Blankenstein (UEFA referee), Lucy Faulkner (English FA), Marianne Meier (Swiss Development), Tanja Walther (EGLSF). The workshop was chaired by Pepe García Vázquez (EGLSF). The support from FARE made it possible to create a paper on homophobia in football: KICK IT OUT (www.kickitout.org). The paper was presented at the conference in Barcelona.

The outcome of the conference is a good practice guide for clubs Tackling racism in club football. The guide includes 2 pages on “Dealing with homophobia and sexism”, and it is available in different languages.